gallery/pcr strip

PCR Strip 

  • USP grade VI polypropylene material
  • Ultra-thin and uniform tube wall for excellent thermal transfer
  • DNase, RNase free and non pyrogenic
gallery/96 well plate

PCR 96 well plate


Universal tips

  • High grade polypropylene, no additives, low liquid residue
  • Taper top design easier for micro volume pipetting
  • Unique extra long tips to prevent cross contamination
  • DNase, RNase free and non pyrogenic

ELISA plate

  • High clarity polystyrene, excellent well uniformity
  • 96/48 well, 8 strips/12 strips, F/C bottom for optional choices

  • Easy to identify orientation with different stripe-holders

  • Conform SBS/ANSI, CV value <5%

  • Transparent plate for colorimetric, white plate for luminescent and black plate for fluorescent analysis

gallery/freeze tube
  • USP grade VI Polypropylene material

  • Maximum RCF: 10,000xg-12,000xg, Autoclavable

  • Free from DNase, RNase and non pyrogenic

  • Storage temperature : -80 ~121°C

  • Zip bag and PS rack packing for choice

Centrifuge tube

Reagent bottle

  • High clarity polypropylene, no additives, no release agent

  • Leak-proof during usage and transportation

  • Non-pyrogenic and autoclavable 

  • Resistant to regular chemical solution  

  • High clarity Polypropylene, no additives, no release agent
  • Free from DNase and RNase and non pyrogenic

  • Leak proof design by non-toxic silicon O-ring

  • Maximum RCF 12000xg for conical bottom

  • Storage temperature : -80~121°C

freezing tube